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Information about EAST’s work at a high level is accessible via the dropdown menus above and the following are key pieces of  project documentation:

Past webinar and member meeting recordings & presentations

Quarterly Webinar Updates & Newsletters

Annual Member Meetings

EAST Reports for the Print Archive Network Forum

Onboarding Documentation

-for Administrators

-for Collection Managers

-for Resource Sharing Librarians

-for Tech Services Librarians

-for EAST Voting Members (welcome letter)

-For EAST Operational Contacts (welcome letter)

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Resource Sharing across EAST

Resource Sharing Best Practices (pdf)

Rosemont Access Principles

Creating an EAST Entry in OCLC’s Policies Directory (PPT file)

-OCLC and DocLine Symbols

Collection Analysis

-Collection Analysis Scope and Ephemera Document

Serials & Journals

Tableau Visualizations for Scarcely-Held S&J Titles (webinar recording)

EAST Guidelines for Issue and Volume Level Validation

Out of Scope Materials

Recording Serials Retentions in ILS

Retention Commitments – Disclosure and Discovery

EAST Monograph Collection Analysis Scope and Ephemera Document (link to Google Doc)

Recording retention commitments in local ILS

Reallocation of Retention Commitments Process (Form)

Review of Reallocation Process (video)

EAST 583 Best Practices

Retention commitments FAQ

Exporting Retention Commitments from your ILSAlma Publishing Profile, Koha, Sierra, Voyager, WMS

Archived Member Resources