EAST Reversal and Reallocation Requests Form

Use this form to request retention reversals and potentially add them to the reallocation process. See the Reallocation of Retention Committments  and the Retention commitments FAQ for further information. Note that libraries may wish to attempt reallocation of small numbers of materials on their own, and can use the Find East Holdings lookup to determine other EAST holding the material. We ask that libraries choosing to reallocate items directly to another institution let us know of any changes made by sending us the title, OCLC number, and new institution of the reallocated items.

Materials should be submitted in a spreadsheet containing the following columns: OCLC number, Reason for request, Title, and whether or not an attempt to reallocate the title should be made. Reasons for requests include: missing, lost, damaged, moved to special collections, metadata error, updated oclc,  or out of scope. Out of scope titles will not be reallocated.

Downloading this sample spreadsheet will prompt drop-down menus to appear for the 'Reason for request', making it easier for librarians to fill out the form as requested.