Access & Resource Sharing

The EAST retained titles are held as a light archive within their local circulating collections. The EAST Major Policies, as approved by the then Executive Committee in June, 2016 call for EAST member libraries to use their own institutional policies to fulfill requests from other EAST libraries for retained titles. The majority of the EAST membership as well as the EAST Monographs Working Group have strongly indicated their support for no-charge lending across the EAST member libraries.  However, recognizing that current and future EAST members may not be able to agree to a no-charge lending policy for local institutional reasons, a library may choose to opt out, but may then be charged to borrow from another EAST library at the lending member’s discretion. Further details on access using inter-library loan are provided below.

EAST has a number of resources for resource sharing practitioners, and these are available via the links below:


Inter-Library Loan: The EAST Lending Network

To support the EAST membership, and further encourage libraries to adopt a no-charge lending policy, a working group focused on Interlibrary Lending developed Resource Sharing Best Practices within EAST.  These Best Practices were updated in early 2019 to reflect EAST’s membership and participation in the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance. In addition, EAST resource sharing libraries are included in the OCLC Policy Directory.  An EAST OCLC Group Access Capability (GAC) has been created. Consult the list of OCLC and DOCLINE symbols for the symbols included in the EAST GAC.

In April 2017 and in response to member interest, the EAST Project Team worked with the RapidILL service to create a RapidILL Pod for EAST Members. For more information on RapidILL, please visit their website.  To join the EAST Pod, contact the RapidILL staff directly and indicate your interest in joining the EAST Pod as an EAST Member institution.

For instructions on how to create an EAST entry in OCLC’s Policies Directory, please consult this powerpoint created by David Perry (Bryn Mawr College).

Searching and Viewing EAST Retentions

EAST retentions can be searched by OCLC number from the homepage, which queries to OCLC API for registered retentions. See also OCLC’s “Functionality Across Services” document for examples of how to search within OCLC products. For libraries that have access to OCLC’s GreenGlass, EAST retentions are also available in the Group Collection Known Item Search.

EAST commitments are also viewable in the Gold Rush Library Content Comparison System. Logins are available to EAST members by contacting the EAST Project Team.

EAST OCLC Symbols and Docline IDs

EAST Resource Sharing Contacts

If you would like to be added to this list, contact

Join the EAST OCLC Profiled Group (GAC) and/or the Rapid Pod

Use the Contact Us form to request to be added to the EAST GAC or Rapid POD. (See also the list of EAST symbols and Docline IDs above.)