Primary governance of the Eastern Academic Scholars’ Trust (EAST) is provided by the Executive Committee (EC). The EC includes nine members who represent the diverse perspectives of EAST along Carnegie classifications: two from doctoral institutions, two from baccalaureate institutions, one from a masters institution, one representative from the EAST host institution (currently the BLC), one public institution, and two members at large (including a serials representative and one that could also be a supporting partner). All of the EC members are elected by the membership to serve 3-year terms.

To support the work of EAST, the Executive Committee has appointed a number of Working Groups including:

  • A Monograph Working Group to advise on the monograph collection analysis and retention work

  • A Serials & Journals Working Group to advise on the serials and journals collection analysis and retention work

  • A Validation Working Group to assist in developing the methodology and tools to complete the sample validation studies

  • An Inter-Library Loan Working Group to recommend best practices for ILL across EAST

  • A 583 Working Group (named after the field in the MARC record used to record retention commitments) to advise on appropriate methods for recording monograph and serials and journals retention commitments.

For more information on the role of the Executive Committee and Working Groups, please see the EAST General Governance document.

EAST Operations Committee

The EAST Operations Committee (OC) reports to the Executive Committee and is responsible for developing and implementation policies relating to the operationalizing of EAST, particularly within the member libraries.  The OC works closely with the EAST staff to develop policies and procedures for the member libraries as well as to address any operational issues that arise from the membership. Any policy or procedural recommendations from the OC require approval by the Executive Committee prior to implementation. The OC includes 6 – 9 members with representation from both Retention and Supporting Partner institutions as well as across the diversity of the EAST membership based on type of institution, size of library collection, etc.

Each Supporting and Retention Partner institution has appointed an Operational Contact to implement the policies and procedures developed by the Operations Committee.


In addition to the above governance groups, the EAST Project Team includes  staff who provide project management, data support, and general administrative and project direction.



Page last updated: April 14, 2020