Operations Committee

 The EAST Operations Committee (OC) is an elected body responsible for development, implementation, and operationalization of policies and procedures for EAST.  Any policy or procedural recommendations from the OC require the approval by the Executive Committee prior to implementation. The OC works closely with the EAST Project Team and may recommend the appointment of ad hoc Working Groups  to address specific policy or procedural issues.  

The OC is a standing committee and includes 6 – 9 members with representation from both Retention and Supporting Partner institutions as well as across the diversity of the EAST membership based on type of institution, size of library collection, etc.  One seat is held for a member of the ILL Working group. 

The standing Operations Committee was elected by the EAST membership in the summer of 2017. Terms are 2 years, and expire at the end of the calendar year.  Current members are:

Name Institution Term Representing

Beth Bohstedt

Hamilton College 2019-2021 Cohort 1 Medium
Eric Love Florida State University


Cohort 2 Large

R.C. Miessler

Gettysburg College 2019-2021 Cohort 2 Medium
Richard Bleiler University of Connecticut 2017-2020 Cohort 1 Large
Gwen Verkuilen- Chevalier ​​ ​ ​ St. Anselm College (2017-2019)/Tufts University (2019-2020) 2017-2020 Cohort 1 Small
Berry Chamness Bryn Mawr College 2017-2020 Cohort 1 Medium
Ray Schmidt Wellesley College 2017-2020 Cohort 1 Medium
Rachel Manning Middlebury College 2020-2021 ILL Working Group

Prior to the standing Operations Committee, the Executive Committee approved appointment of an interim Operations Committee, which met between October 2016 and June 2017. Its membership was:

  • Steve Bischof, University of Massachusetts – Amherst and Five Colleges
  • Berry Chamness, Bryn Mawr College
  • Charles Getchell, Saint Anselm College
  • Debbie Gomes, Elms College
  • Steve Smith, Boston University
  • Matthew Revitt and Sara Amato, EAST, also participated ex officio

Contact the EAST Operations Committee at eastoc@blc.org.