Registration of EAST Retention Commitments in OCLC

Registration of EAST Retention Commitments in OCLC

EAST retention partners agree to register their retention commitments with OCLC’s Shared Print Registration Service, which is available to all full cataloging subscribers*.  Libraries may choose to register the commitments themselves, or have EAST work as an agent to register commitments on their behalf. Below are resources that describe the process of registering and working with Shared Print in OCLC.

OCLC Metadata Services Shared Print services, including:
Shared Print Registration Training Video
Editing Shared Print commitments in Record Manager
Adding a Shared Print commitment to a LHR
OCLC Shared Print Solutions – Functionality Across Services
The Partnership for Shared Book Collections / Rosemont Shared Print Alliance in depth joint webinars:
Registering Shared Print Commitments in OCLC – February 2021.
Learn from your colleagues ideas for self-registering shared print retention commitments.
Working with Shared Print Commitments in OCLC – February 2021.
A walk-through of working with your registered Shared Print commitments in OCLC services, including maintenance and discovery. 
Syncing LHRs from Alma to OCLC
Documentation for WEST on how to set up a data sync collection to automatically keep registrations in sync between Alma and OCLC.

*If you are not a full cataloging subscriber please contact us.

EAST OCLC Registration FAQ

Q: Is there a cost if EAST is the Registration Agent?

A: No, there is no additional cost if your institution chooses for EAST to register your retention commitments.

Q: We are members of another shared print program, e.g. HathiTrust.  Should we register our commitments separately?

A: If you have not already registered, we can coordinate with other programs to avoid duplicating registration work. Please advise us of your membership in multiple programs.

Q: Is it possible for a consortium to complete registration with OCLC on behalf of individual libraries?

A: Yes, a central system administrator can be a Group Coordinator and register commitments on behalf of the libraries.

Q: What are the start and end dates for EAST retention commitments that should be added to the Collection Profile?

A: For monographs, please use 20160630-20310630.

Q: There are titles in my catalog that have a retention but lack an OCLC number.  What should I do?

A: If you used GreenGlass for collection analysis you may find OCLC numbers in the remediation list titled “Records for which SCS has assigned an OCLC number”. If you used another collection analysis system, e.g. Gold Rush, you will need to determine the OCLC number for registration. EAST can work with you in these instances.

Q: A subset of our retentions have a different ILL policy or a separate sub location code (852 subfield b).  Do we need to have separate collection profiles for these?

A: For separate ILL lending or reproduction policies, you will need to have separate collection profiles.  For titles with various sub location codes, you can either use separate collection profiles, or submit your data using the 14 column csv file format.

Q: Do I need separate collection profiles for monographs and serials?

A: Yes, if you are both a monographs and serials partner, you will need to have two collections, one for monographs and one for serials which CRL will use to submit your data from PAPR.

Q: Should we include holdings (volume) information for multipart monographs?

A: While not required, EAST encourages you to do so. For most libraries the initial registration in OCLC included this information derived from GreenGlass. It can alternatively be derived from your ILS.  Instructions are available for III and Alma.