Reallocation Process

The EAST Operations Committee created the following process to facilitate reallocation and alleviate the burden on individual EAST member libraries to find retention copies in partner institutions.  Before using this process, please ensure the material you are attempting to reallocate falls within the scope and operational guidelines of revoking retention commitments as defined in the EAST Major Operating Policies. Questions pertaining to retention commitments can be found in the Retention FAQ.

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In rare instances where retained material has been identified as lost or damaged and is not replaceable by the retaining library, it may be necessary to revoke an existing retention commitment and possibly attempt to assign it to another EAST institution.  Libraries wishing to reassign retention commitments may use either of the following procedures:

  1. For a small number of titles, reach out to other EAST institutions individually and ask their willingness to take on the retention(s).  The Find EAST Holdings search can be used to find other EAST retention partners holding a title, and includes the EAST Operational Contact information.   We ask that libraries choosing to reallocate items directly to another institution let us know of any changes made by sending us the title, OCLC number, and new institution of the reallocated items by using the EAST Reversal and Reallocation Request form.

  2. EAST conducts a semi-annual schedule of retention reallocations according to the following yearly calendar.   Requests for revocation and/or reallocation of retentions can be made using the EAST Reversal and Reallocation Request form.  Requests can be made at any time of year but reallocations will only be processed twice a year.

A short video explaining the Reallocation Process is available here

May 1st Nov 1st EAST Project Team reminds member libraries of June/December 1st deadline to submit reallocation requests.
June 1st - 15th Dec 1st - 15th EAST staff determines which titles have surplus copies in EAST for potential reallocation.
June 15th - July 31st Dec 15th - Jan 31st Operational Contacts at EAST libraries holding surplus copies are provided lists of potential additional retention requests. Libraries have 6 weeks to examine the lists and respond if they are able to take on the additional retentions. Libraries are then responsible for recording retention commitments on these titles in their ILS and WorldCat (when available). The EAST Project Team will update the EAST Retention Database.
August 1st Feb 1st Libraries that submitted requests for retention reallocations are informed of the results.

This process will be revisited by the Operations Committee for potential revision in 2020 when the OCLC registration service is fully functional. 


Questions regarding this procedure may be sent to