Registration of EAST Retention Commitments in OCLC

EAST retention partners agree to register their retention commitments with OCLC's Shared Print Registration Service, which is available to all full cataloging subscribers*.  Libraries may choose to register the commitments themselves, or have EAST work as an agent to register commitments on their behalf. Below are resources that describe the process of registering and working with Shared Print in OCLC.

OCLC Metadata Services Shared Print services, including:

Shared Print Registration Training Video
Editing Shared Print commitments in Record Manager
OCLC Shared Print Solutions - Functionality Across Services

Partnership for Shared Book Collections / Rosemont in depth joint webinars:

Registering Shared Print Commitments in OCLC 
Learn from your colleagues ideas for self-registering shared print retention commitments.

Working with Shared Print Commitments in OCLC
A walk-through of working with your registered Shared Print commitments in OCLC services, including maintenance and discovery.

Syncing LHRs from Alma to OCLC

Documentation for WEST on how to set up a data sync collection to automatically keep registrations in sync between Alma and OCLC.

*If you are not a full cataloging subscriber please contact us