Onboarding New Staff at EAST Member Institutions

Monday, October 15, 2018

During the summer and fall of 2018, the Operations Committee and the EAST Project Team developed four sets of documentation about EAST for member institutions to utilize with new staff. These materials, roughly aligned with four functional areas of library management, are meant to provide general information about EAST, as well as specific information about membership and impact for each of these areas: Administration, Collection Management, Inter-Library Loan, and Technical Services. To provide feedback about these documents, please contact any member of the Project Team.

For Administrators

For Collection Managers

For ILL Librarians

For Tech Services Librarians

In addition, the Project Team created a poster highlighting some facts and figures about EAST. The information on the poster is current as of January 2019.

EAST Poster (24x36)

EAST Poster (letter sized)