Recording Now Available: EAST Member Update Webinar: August 2020

The EAST Project Team is pleased to bring you the third quarterly webinar of the year. We’ll host two sessions in early August to share progress on OCLC registration, and provide updates on new members, our program assessment plan, collaborations with other shared print programs, and more.

We are very pleased to have Dr. Fenella France (Chief, Preservation Research and Testing Division, Library of Congress) and Ian Bogus (Executive Director, ReCAP) presenting on their work on the Mellon Foundation-funded project Assessing the Physical Condition of the National Book Collection.


Webinar Agenda:

  • EAST Updates:
    • OCLC Registration
    • Membership Update
    • Digitization Pilot with UConn
    • Program Assessment
  • Partnership for Shared Book Collections
  • Rosemont Shared Print Alliance
  • Guest Presentation: Assessing the Condition of the National Book Collection, Dr. Fenella France (Library of Congress) and Ian Bogus (ReCAP)

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