We’ve identified a category of materials that have retention commitments but that we consider out of scope for this project and not worthy of retention. What should we do?

Partners that identify categories of materials they determine to be out of scope, e.g. textbooks, handbooks, manuals, ephemera (see scope definition) may request the removal of their retention commitment using the EAST Reversal and Reallocation Requests Form.* See also the “Revoking Retention Commitments Determined to be Out of Scope” section of the EAST Major Operating Policies.

Occasionally, a library may hold material that they believe to be out of scope for EAST, which is not listed in the current scope and ephemera definitions. In such instances if the library wishes to revoke the retention commitment, it is requested that they consult with the EAST Program Team, who may consult the EAST Operations Committee, to determine if the materials should be added to the out of scope definition.

If the material is determined by the Project Team to be in scope, libraries should determine the number of existing EAST commitments on the title using the EAST retentions search, and the scarcity of the title in WorldCat. If the title is not retained elsewhere and/or is not widely available in the U.S., it is requested that the library consider retaining the material, and if they are unwilling to do so, that they agree to relinquish the title to a retention partner who is willing to commit to retain the item.