Retention Commitments

EAST currently retains approximately 8.6 million monographs (distinct OCLC numbers),  representing over 9 million holdings, and approximately 15,500 serials and journal titles, representing almost 25,000 holdings. EAST is an accessible light archive with retained items held at the member institutions.  Retentions are disclosed in the members' catalogs (see the EAST 583 Best Practices for disclosure and a slideshow of catalogs for examples)  and in the databases listed below.  


Where to find EAST Retention Commitments:

Monograph Commitments:


  • Contains collections and retentions information for both Cohorts 1 and 2  
  • Reflects latest OCLC/SCS updates to the GreenGlass tool, updated WorldCat holdings counts, updated HathiTrust matches, a unified set of comparator groups, visibility into titles set for retention in other SCS projects, and call number range searching.
  • Libraries can use GreenGlass data to carry out collections projects, including looking at collection strengths, usage data, etc. Libraries should use the EAST Retentions Database (below) to identify an EAST retention commitment.
  • Will be updated to reflect new members as they join.


  • As of summer 2020, EAST libraries have started to register their monograph retentions in OCLC. 
  • Primarily Cohorts 1 and 2 for now; flexible participation libraries will register their retentions as their ILS are updated.
  • Retentions are visible via FirstSearch, and in backend tools like Connexion. Please see Searching for EAST commitments in OCLC Connexion for instructions on how to search.

Serials Commitments:

Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR), a  “system is designed to support archiving and management of serials collections by providing comprehensive information about titles, holdings, and the terms and conditions of archiving of the major print archiving and shared print programs.”

  • Archived titles and holdings are available from PAPR.   
  • EAST Serials and Journals Cohort 1 holdings are in the process of being added.

Monograph and Serials Commitments:

EAST Retentions DB

  • Contains retained titles for Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 monograph Commitments, and Connect NY commitments extended to EAST.  
  • It will also contain Serial commitments once they are completed being added in PAPR.