Retention Commitments

EAST currently retains approximately 6.8 million monographs (distinct OCLC numbers), representing over 9.5 million holdings, and approximately 18,000 serials and journal titles, representing almost 29,000 holdings. EAST is an accessible light archive with retained items held at the member institutions.  Retentions are disclosed in the members' catalogs (see the EAST 583 Best Practices for disclosure and a slideshow of catalogs for examples)  and in the databases listed below.  

Where to find EAST Retention Commitments:

Monograph Commitments:

EAST website - A searchbox is available from the homepage of This search queries the OCLC API for data. 

Gold Rush - All EAST monograph retention commitments are loaded into Gold Rush. If you need a login please contact Mei Mendez (  Data is updated yearly. Serials will be added in late 2021.

GreenGlass - If your library maintains a subscription you can search EAST retention commitments in GreenGlass. Data is updated regularly. 

OCLC - retention commitments are visible in Connexion, Record/Collection Manager, FirstSearch and various APIs. See the "Functionality across services" doc for descriptions of how to find Shared Print in each of these services. Serials are also registered in OCLC. 

Serials Commitments:

Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR) - All EAST serials and journals commitments are registered in PAPR, which is regularly synced with OCLC. Note that PAPR also hosts a Collection Comparison Tool which allows for an upload of a list of local record numbers to generate an instant comparison with the PAPR archived titles registry, which includes several other Shared Print programs in addition to EAST holdings.