Retention Commitments

As of late June, 2016 the collection analysis for EAST was complete and Retention Partners were provided detailed information on how to access lists of the titles which had been committed to retention for their library. Using the GreenGlass® online database, each library was able to review its retention commitments, all of which were allocated based on the parameters of the EAST retention model as developed during the collection analysis.   Once any exceptions were removed, the EAST GreenGlass® database was updated and libraries began the process of disclosing retention commitments via their local catalogs using documentation developed by the EAST Project Team.  This documentation, along with best practices for disclosure are available in the Member Resources.  There is also a list of frequently asked questions regarding retention commitments. 

To further support access to the EAST retention commitments, the EAST Data Librarian developed an online database.  This database supports searching of the 6+million EAST retention commitments by OCLC number and title.  Searchers can locate titles across all of the EAST Retention Partners or search in a single or group of collections.  The EAST Project Team is investigating ways to support updating and maintenance of this database in the future.