Retention & Access

Retention and access are key to any shared print initiative such as EAST.  Through the detailed collection analysis, the 40 EAST Retention Partner libraries have agreed to retain more than 6 Million scholarly holdings in their local collections and make these titles available to students, scholars, faculty and researchers at other EAST libraries through standard inter-library loan. The libraries have agreed to a 15-year retention period, which may be extended.

In order to identify titles that have been committed for retention, the EAST Project Team developed  documentation that to allow the member libraries to update their local catalogs with retention commitments. This process, known as "disclosure",  will also be done in standard national and regional catalogs. The EAST documentation for disclosure in local catalogs is available via Member Resources.

To support discovery of EAST retention commitments, the EAST Data Librarian has created an online database.  This database allows searching by OCLC number and title of any of the 6+ million EAST retention holdings across all of the Retention Partners or one or more selected Partners. A link is also available to the GreenGlass® database for those EAST members who have access.  Additional options to support member access to the EAST retention commitments and to ongoing updating and maintenance of these commitments is being investigated by the EAST Project Team.