Validation Sample Study #1 Shows Impressive Results

Forty of the EAST member libraries have completed the largest validation sample study ever done.  The study was undertaken to gauge how likely a title that a given library might commit for retention as part of EAST would actually be available and usable by scholars and researchers at other EAST member libraries.  Some 240,000 items, ramdomly selected from the 16+ Million EAST collective collection, were validated with each library receiving a sample of 6,000 items.  After an automated check of which of the items was recorded as checked out in their local circulation systems, workers in the libraries used a data collection tool, designed by the EAST team and tested by the Validation Working Group, which allowed them to scan items on the shelf to record presence and perform a cursory condition check of the physical item.  Each library was compensated from funding provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The result: 97% of the items in the sample were accounted for with 90% of these in excellent or average condition.  These results will provide further confidence and trust on the part of EAST libraries and their local stakeholders that titles committed for retention for EAST will remain accessible for ongoing scholarship and research.