We’ve found bound photocopies or other print facsimiles, or sections of monographs replaced with photocopied pages, which have a retention commitment on them. Should we keep the commitment?

Please report these materials to EAST. EAST will work with the Retention Library to attempt to secure another commitment on a non-facsimile circulating print copy. If that is not possible EAST will ask the holding library to retain the current commitment on the circulating facsimile to enable preservation access to this intellectual content.

Retained holdings for Photocopies should be removed from original print records to a separate bibliographical record for the reproduction format, which should include a 533 with the text “Print reproduction”.

The 583 should reflect that this is a reproduction. Include a second 583 with the subfield ‘a’ completeness reviewed, and a subfield ‘l’ of “Facsimile”. The date in subfield ‘c’ should be the date the item was last reviewed. Optionally a subfield ‘z’ can be added to note which sections of the materials are facsimiles. See the OCLC Detailed metadata guidelines for more examples.

583 1# $a completeness reviewed $c 20190614 $f EAST $l Facsimile $5 MeWC