We understand that EAST is a member of the Partnership for Shared Book Collections. What exactly is the Partnership?

The Partnership for Shared Book Collections is a federation of monograph shared print programs in the U.S. and Canada. The Partnership’s mission is to ensure the long-term preservation of, access to, and integrity of monographic print resources. A full list of members is available on their website, sharedprint.org, and includes EAST, HathiTrust, and SCELC.

EAST representatives sit on the Partnership’s Executive Committee and Operations Committee.

The Partnership develops and maintains a set of Best Practices, offers educational webinars, and has developed a robust research agenda to benefit the Shared Print community.

We encourage anyone interested in issues related to shared print to contact the Partnership Program Manager Nika Worth (nika@sharedprint.org) about opportunities to serve on one of the Partnership’s working groups.