We are transferring some EAST materials to a shared storage facility. Can we transfer the retention commitments?

EAST Memorandum of Understanding section 5.1 :

“Retention Partners agree not to sell, discard, donate, or otherwise relinquish ownership or control of any of the retained materials prior to the end of the Retention Period, except to transfer materials to another EAST Retention Partner or with permission of the Executive Committee.”

Therefore, if the shared storage facility is an EAST Retention Partner (e.g. the Five Colleges) and extends lending to all EAST members, materials can be transferred. Retention commitments should be updated in the 583 fields in the local ILS of the receiving institution, perhaps adding a 561 field to denote the original holder of the material. Shared print LHRs in OCLC will also need to be updated, removing the retention from the donating library and registering the retention with the receiving facility.*