If an item which had the retention commitment is missing, can the retention commitment be transferred to a different edition of the same title? Does this same protocol apply if there is difference in publication date or publisher?

Every effort should be made to replace missing material with the same edition, including from another EAST Retention Partner. This is especially important if the edition has any unique characteristics such as prefaces and/or commentary. Artifactual copies of the title are always preferred, but print facsimiles are acceptable. It is only acceptable to transfer the commitment to a different edition of the title in situations where the retention copy is missing, there isn’t another copy of the same edition available within EAST, or the material is determined to be equivalent. We are trusting members to use their professional judgement in determining if a different edition is functionally equivalent for the retention commitment.

It is also acceptable to do this with a holding with a different publication date or publisher when necessary, following the guidelines above. Please see the Operating Procedure: Replacing Lost or Damaged Items with Retention Commitments document for further information.

Note that EAST Retention Partners may already hold several editions of the same title, and/or have several holdings already retained on a specific edition. If you are tranfering a commitment to a new edition AND that new addition already has at least 5 retentions on it, you may simply revoke your current retention commitment.*