How can we identify which serial and journal titles our library and other EAST members have committed to EAST?

Per EAST policy, EAST members are expected to record their commitments in their local ILS (guidance for adding commitments is available in EAST Member Resources). Consult with your local Technical Services staff on how to identify retained material in your ILS.

EAST commitments are also recorded in the Print Archives and Preservation Registry (PAPR), alongside commitments from the major shared print programs in North America, including our fellow Rosemont Shared Print Alliance members. Note that PAPR also hosts a Collection Comparison Tool which allows for an upload of a list of local record numbers to generate an instant comparison with the PAPR archived titles registry.

Retention commitments are also visible in OCLC’s Connexion, Record/Collection Manager, FirstSearch and various APIs. See the “Functionality across services” doc for descriptions of how to find Shared Print in each of these services.