BLC Three-Year Strategic Directions, 2019-2021

BLC Three-Year Strategic Directions – 2019-2021

October, 2018


Staff at BLC Member libraries are encouraged to review and comment on the Three-Year Strategic Directions document provided below.  Comments and feedback from members will be reviewed at the December 7th meeting of the full BLC Board of Directors.  Comments may be made through Tuesday, November 27th.

Thank you.

Susan Stearns, Executive Director, Boston Library Consortium


Reaffirming Our Core Values:

  •  Resource sharing: committed to fast and efficient sharing of library materials;

  •  Professional Development: committed to an agile response to emerging needs (e.g. webinar series), building new skills and leadership development and to creating a professional community for networking; and

  •  Advocacy around key issues that impact BLC members in partnership with other groups who are also strong voices on behalf of libraries ALA, ACRL, ARL etc.

Strategic Directions:

1. Resource Sharing – explore an expanded definition of ‘resource’- beyond print - to include people, functional expertise, distinctive collections and digital assets, as well as further refining the ‘techniques’ of resource sharing to ensure maximum efficiency for users.

2. Access and Interoperability – a commitment to further improve the ‘One Library’ user experience by removing remaining barriers between BLC member libraries to create a seamless user experience. 

3. Digital Initiatives – explore opportunities for greater collaboration around projects such as digital exhibitions, digitization projects, digital preservation and shared repositories.  Shared staff expertise could include licensing, intellectual property, accessibility of online resources.

Tracey Lauder

Spot on! I fully support the core values and strategic directions and really appreciate the directness and simplicity of the information. Nicely done!

Patrick Carr

The strategic directions look excellent! I think the core values should be reworked a bit. I don’t see Resource Sharing as a value so much as a means to access of knowledge resources. I suggest changing the value of Resource Sharing to instead be Access.

Vika Zafrin

A good start! I'd like to propose adding some things to the Digital Initiatives strategic direction. Shared staff expertise could — and I think should — also include workflow building, the ethics of preservation and collection decisions, and best practices around public engagement.

Michael Rodriguez

I also like the strategic directions but suggest massaging the values a bit. Resource sharing is not a value in and of itself; rather, it's a means to enacting or realizing values, which might, for example, be equitable and universal access to information. My sense is that professional development and advocacy are also instrumental rather than values, but not quite sure how to articulate that yet. You'll also want to convert the third value of advocacy into a key word or phrase followed by a colon and a clause, in order to be consistently structured vis-a-vis the two preceding values. It's also not clear to me how Digital Initiatives maps to the values, as advocacy implies lobbying external authorities rather than collaborating within the industry. Food for thought!

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