EAST Executive and Operations Committees: Call for Nominations

The EAST Executive Committee (EC) calls for nominations to the standing EAST Operations Committee (OC), and for nominations to the Executive Committee. Please see links below.

The deadline for both nominations is October 30th, 2020.

About the EAST Operations Committee

The EAST Operations Committee (OC) is an elected body responsible for the development, implementation, and operationalization of policies and procedures for EAST.  Any policy or procedural recommendations from the OC require the approval by the Executive Committee prior to implementation. The OC works closely with the EAST Project Team and may recommend the appointment of ad hoc working groups to address specific policy or procedural issues.  Recently, the work of the Operations Committee included exploring the OCLC registration process, reviewing onboarding documentation, and reviewing retention reversal requests.

About the EAST Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC), typically composed primarily of library deans and directors,  provides the primary governance for EAST. Under the structure approved by Voting Members in early 2020, the EC includes nine elected members who represent the diverse perspectives of EAST. 

The EC is responsible for providing guidance and support for EAST’s strategic directions. The EC also approves EAST policies and procedures, membership or other cost sharing fees, and any membership or retention changes. The EC provides oversight of the Operations Committee as well as the EAST Project Team and any working groups that it directly appoints. The EAST Executive Committee meets virtually every month for one hour meetings and members collaborate via email as necessary.