EAST Operations Committees Calls for Nominations | Deadline: Friday October 13th, 2023

The EAST Board of Directors calls for nominations to the standing EAST Operations Committee (OC).

To apply please complete the nomination form by Friday October 13th, 2023

About the EAST Operations Committee
The EAST Operations Committee (OC) is an elected body responsible for the development, implementation, and operationalization of policies and procedures for EAST. Any policy or procedural recommendations from the OC require the approval by the Board of Directors prior to implementation. The OC works closely with the EAST Project Team and may recommend the appointment of ad hoc working groups to address specific policy or procedural issues. Recently, the work of the Operations Committee included exploring additions to the ephemera lists, reviewing retention reversal requests and a discussion of harmful content in EAST retentions.

The OC is a standing committee and includes 6 – 10 members with representation across the diversity of the EAST membership based on Carnegie classifications (see below). Librarians at EAST member institutions are eligible to participate. Individuals with experience in collections, technical services, access services, and/or systems are invited to self-nominate. Nominations will be brought to the Board of Directors for approval prior to being added to the slate of candidates for voting by the membership, anticipated in late fall/early winter. The elected committee members can expect to begin their service in January 2024 and conclude in December 2026.

The Operations Committee is looking for nominations to fill seats in the following categories:

  • 1 member from Doctoral Universities
  • 1 member from a Baccalaureate College

Members of the Operations Committee can expect to serve for two years and attend four 1-hour virtual meetings throughout the year as well as read background documentation in order to provide recommendations on EAST’s operations.  Although prior participation in, and knowledge of, the work of EAST is highly desirable, it is not required for membership. Terms are staggered to facilitate transitions and institutional memory.  

How to apply
We encourage you to consider nominating yourself or someone else you consider qualified as described above. 

To apply please complete the nomination form by Friday October 13th, 2023