Future Work

In April of 2018, with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant, EAST sponsored a summit on monograph shared print, inviting representatives from the major shared print monograph programs in North America as well as thought leaders in shared print and related topics such as preservation and digitization.   One of the outcomes from this summit was the formation of a working group to look at standardized methods of assessing risk and condition of the collective collections, potentially following up on some of the work conducted on optimal number of copies of JSTOR journals (see: Candace Arai Yano, Zuo-Jun Max Shen & Stephen Chan (2013) Optimising the number of copies and storage protocols for print preservation of research journals, International Journal of Production Research, 51:23-24, 7456-7469, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2013.827810) .   Factors such as the physical and chemical condition of the paper, historic and future storage conditions, age of the material, and perhaps external factors such as security, location and type of the holding institution may all factor into risk assessments and determining the number of usable copies available now and in the future.   EAST welcomes and looks forward to opportunities to be involved in future research in these areas of validation and risk assessment.