Data & Results


In June, 2016 the EAST Executive Committee approved the retention model recommended to them by the Monographs Working Group and vetted by the EAST member libraries.  This retention model specifies the criteria for which titles Retention Partners are being asked to commit to retain on behalf of EAST. These are monograph titles that were in-scope for the EAST collection analysis.

The recommended EAST retention model has three primary components:

1. The first requires retention of ALL existing holdings for titles that are scarcely held in the US, in EAST, and in the region.  

2. The second component requires retention of up to five holdings for all titles that have had significant use within EAST.  

3. The third component requires that for all titles that are not scarcely held or heavily used, EAST will retain one holding.  

Two categories of material are excluded from the model, including recently published and “ephemeral” (non-scholarly) content.  Nothing in either of these two categories will be allocated for retention.

The data from the collection analysis continues to be mined in the GreenGlass® database by the EAST project team and by the individual EAST libraries who participated in the collection analysis.  As the libraries complete the work required to update their local catalogs with the EAST retention commitments, additional reports and analytics will assist them in decisions relating to titles that can safely be de-selected from their local collection.