What is Collection Analysis?

A fundamental activity of the first year of operation of the Eastern Academic Scholar's Trust (EAST) project  has been the print monograph collection analysis. [Note that collection analysis for serials retention is planned for the future.] This analysis compares  the circulating monograph holdings of EAST Retention Partners to identify uniqueness and overlap within EAST, show the occurrence of these holdings elsewhere both nationally and regionally, and integrate circulation activity to highlight candidates for retention or deselection.

During the planning phase that preceded the formal launch of EAST, a request for proposal process selected  OCLC Sustainable Collection Services® (SCS) as the vendor with whom EAST would partner for the collection analysis.  A kickoff meeting in June, 2015 formally launched the collection development phase of EAST with participating libraries providing SCS bibliographic and items extracts for circulating monographs througout the fall of 2015.  SCS then loaded the more than 19 million records to create the collective EAST database, resulting in over 16 million holdings acoss the 40 participating libraries.  With the data full loaded into GreenGlass®, the SCS online tool for data analysis and visualization, the EAST team worked with SCS and the Monographs Working Group, appointed by the Executive Committee, to begin the data analysis.

Further information on the specific methdology of collection analysis is detailed  in the Process section and  a number of the Member Resources are also focused on aspects of the collection analysis.