About the EAST Retentions Database

The EAST Retentions Database is in transition!

Current Status:

Data currently is pulled from the database maintained by EAST which, while largely accurate, has not been updated since June 2020.  

Future Plans:

Once the majority of EAST retentions have been recorded in OCLC, we will switch the backend of this database to use the OCLC search API, and will retire the database maintained by EAST. This change is scheduled for late spring 2021, and we will notify our members.


EAST Libraries can request access to Gold Rush to search EAST retentions in that system. Contact mmendez@blc.org for more information. 

Retentions Database FAQ:

What data is contained in the EAST Retention Database?

This database contains all retention commitments made by EAST Cohorts 1 and 2, current as of June 2020. This data was provided by Sustainable Collections Services ®, and is, for the most part, the same data as found in GreenGlass, the tool used for the original EAST collection analysis. The two exceptions to this are that ConnectNY commitments which were extended to EAST are also included, and any changes to retentions which were provided to EAST by Retention Partners are also reflected in this data.  NOTE: when the database switches over to using data registered in OCLC, it will contain all EAST commitments registered in OCLC, including serials and journals.

 Can I make changes directly to this data?

Not at this time. Once the database switches to using OCLC retentions as the backend, changes in OCLC will be reflected here also. 

Can this database tell me who holds at title in EAST?

No, this database only shows only what is RETAINED, not what is held and not retained. Please use OCLC cataloging services to determine who else holds a title. In the future we will be offering a search to locate other EAST holders of a title, most likely in Summer 2021. 

I have feedback or more questions!

Please direct any feedback or additional questions to Sara Amato - samato@blc.org.


This page last updated December 16, 2020